Astrology Natal Chart basics

Most peoples understanding of Astrology is that the whole population of the world is divided into 12 signs and that we are born under one and that is all we are, the embodiment of that signs strengths and weaknesses and that is all we will ever be. If you don’t happen to relate to your ‘birth sign’ then you probably have totally written off Astrology.

The fact is that we each have ‘ALL’ 12 signs in our make-up. We just have varying amounts of each and to complicate things further, we also have the planets ruling them in the signs, any aspects (connections) they make to each other (harmonious or challenging) and all placed on a back drop of houses, that correlate to different areas of life. Once you delve into Astrology a little more, you will soon see that we are all ‘incredibly unique’ and have our own complex and amazing chart, even if born on the same day and in the same place as someone else. We definitely do not fit into only 12 categories.

Imagine I want to make an omelette. Most people would agree that eggs are the main ingredient (think of the ‘egg’ as your Star Sign). Your Star Sign is really your Sun Sign, so in other words, it is the sign the Sun was passing through at the time of your birth. It moves through each sign (30 degrees each ) at approx 1 degree a day, so it will be in each zodiac sign for roughly 1 month.

Now even though the ‘eggs’ may be the main ingredient, they are far from the whole dish. As soon as I add another ingredient – say water, it will now make an omelette. As soon as I add some onion and bacon, it changes again, yet if I took some more eggs in another dish and added milk, herbs and cheese, it becomes scrambled eggs so the 2 dishes are starting to be quite different even though they still have the same main ingredient. It is these little additions, different flavours that make 2 of the same ingredient quite unique.

This is why 2 people of the same Star Sign can be so different to each other. They really only have a basic nature in common and perhaps little else. In Astrology, all the other planets at your birth had to be in a zodiac sign too. So your Moon sign may be quite different from your Sun sign. You may have 3 or more planets in the same sign, but different to your Sun Sign, giving a strong emphasis on that energy rather than your natal Sun sign. There are many different variables and plenty of websites that can give you accurate information about the planets and the signs they are in if you are interested in discovering more about yourself and your chart.

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