This is a pen and ink drawing of Porkus. The real (?) Porkus – well ok a soft toy pig, came into my life when I was 30. Too old by far for such a toy and yet, I still remember the day I saw him and how I knew I just had to have him.

It was my 30th birthday and a good friend and I were ‘op shopping’ for a pants suit or something equally as unflattering for my 70’s dress up theme birthday party. My long term relationship with my boyfriend was dissolving and we were separated. As anyone who has gone through a divorce or similar knows the emptiness and confusion that can engulf you – even if still on good terms with your partner.

I saw Porkus in a bargain bin and picked him up and immediately declared I MUST have him at any price (pretty safe bet he wouldn’t cost the earth in an Op Shop) but still, money was tight and this just goes to show how much I wanted him. I took him to the counter with my paisley pants suit and asked tentatively how much?  $1 was the answer.  A one dollar pig! This is the best dollar I have ever spent in my life. 

The stories I’ve created of him along with his perfect hugging form have given me and my nieces and nephew hours of enjoyment and laughs over the years. He is healing because he makes us laugh, he makes us smile, he comforts us. All so, so important. Watch this space for more Porkus 🙂

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