About me

I am lucky to live in the beautiful city of Perth, Western Australia!

It is here that I feel I have connected with my true Spirit and purpose in life.

My two main passions in life are –  Art and Spirituality.

As a kid all I wanted to be was an Artist or an Illustrator. As a young adult, I developed an interest in the metaphysical and esoteric fields and have had a life-long passion for spiritual and metaphysical subjects ever since.

This began with a interest in Astrology at about the age of 12. I read everything I could on the subject and was amazed by what I uncovered the more I looked into this complex and fascinating tool for self development and growth.

Years later, I completed further studies in Astrology with Astro Logos (Bernadette Brady & Darrelyn Gunsberg). Around  this time I was then introduced by chance to a modality called ‘Reiki’. I was intrigued from the moment I heard of it. It sounded familiar to me and in my first Reiki session I was in awe of the beautiful, calming and warm energy flowing from the practitioner to me. I knew then I wanted to learn this and do this for others. This wonderful lady Eva, went on to be my Reiki teacher and I thank her to this day for her gift and purity of spirit.

As I was learning these subjects I was still sketching, drawing and writing. For more than 10 years I have worked as a Graphic Artist in the printing industry while also completing a Diploma in Counselling and Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. 

My passion is to help others to live happier, healthier lives and to become more in tune with their Spirit. I hope to do this through my spiritual work and artistic work by creating pieces that move people, make them smile, laugh and feel joy.

All the things you see here are healing: Reiki, Colour, Art, Laughter, Beauty, Nature – they all do wonders for our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

With love and light, XX


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