Astrology Reports

Astrology Reports: General, Synastry and Transits/Progressions.

Astrology is the study of the planets positions and movements through-out the sky and their correlation with events on Earth.
‘As Above, So Below’ as the saying goes.
There are various branches and types of Astrology but one of the most common is Natal Astrology, which is the calculation of all the planets and points positions at the exact time and place of a persons birth.
We can tell quite a lot about a persons character, strengths and weaknesses and significant events and themes for growth in a persons life by this method. Astrology is a valuable tool for self development and gaining a better understanding of ourselves and others.

I have 3 Astrology Reports to choose from: General, Synastry (relationship) and Transits & Progressions for the coming year.
The General report will give you an overview of your Natal Chart, including an image of the chart complete with Planets, Degrees and Houses, a breakdown of the main areas of a natal chart such as Elements, Signs and Major Aspects between planets.

The Synastry report lists the major aspects between 2 peoples charts and the various dynamics played out in all aspects of our personalities, usually romantic but can be used for any relationship.

And the last report is the Transits and Progressions for the next 12 months. These are the main aspects or progressions that the planets are currently making to the planets at your time of birth. They represent cycles and themes where it can be useful to be aware of current influences of energy within ourselves so we can make the most of the energy available to us.

I use Solar Fire Software reports which can be emailed to you as a PDF that you can print out or posted to you in hard copy.

Please include your exact time (within 5 mins) and place of birth (city, state and country) along with your full name and date of birth.

Emailed Reports – $30
Posted Reports – $30 + $5 postage and handling by Australia Post.

Please note: Emailed reports will still take 1-3 days delivery.