Spirit Guide Drawings

Charcoal or Pastel (colour) Spirit Guide Drawings.

It is believed we have many Spirit Guides with us through-out our life time and one main guide
who stays with us our whole life. They are here to assist us with our souls journey, our life purpose
and to guide and encourage us to fulfil our destiny. Most have been incarnated on earth before and
understand the difficulties of being in the human form and the density of the earth plane.
They will share similar traits to us, so as to be of service to us on our current journey.

A few years ago, while drawing at home, I realised that I could channel Spirit Guides through
my charcoal drawings. First by meditating on a person and then beginning a drawing and being
led as to what came next. As I drew, a picture formed and I would be given a name and some details
about their energy and message for the person. The guide that comes forward is the one that needs to
impart some knowledge to the client at that time in their life.

Your Spirit Guide drawing will include an A3 size Charcoal or Pastel Drawing, with their name and a brief message/reading for you.

Charcoal drawings are $40.00 + Postage ($12)
Pastel Colour drawings are $60 + Postage ($12)